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Giordano Bruno and Ancient Aliens


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Giordano Bruno and Ancient Aliens

giordano-brunoGiordano Bruno was burned alive at the stake by the Roman inquisition. What were his crimes to merit such a heinous death? He was declared a heretic and on February 17, 1600 at the age of 52, his life was brought to a tragic and agonizing end.

His crimes of heresy against the Catholic faith included the following: He believed that the earth was not the center of the universe and that life could exist elsewhere (cosmic pluralism). He believed that the sun did not revolve around the earth and that the universe was endless. He did not believe Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin and he believed that Jesus Christ was not God.

What separates him from all the countless others who were burned alive at the stake or impaled by the “religious” establishment was that Giordano Bruno had been a Dominican monk, a philosopher, poet, astrologer and an academician who taught courses in mnemonics, mathematics and astrology in England, Germany, France and Italy.

In other words, similar to Jesus Christ, he was a well educated free thinker, not afraid to speak the truth and therefore a thorn in the side of the established religious-government power structure.

A person who is currently a thorn in the side of the established religious orders is author of the controversial novel, The Nativity Conspiracy. In the recently published novel, by Horace G. Feliu, it is discovered that Jesus, was the son of a being from an advanced civilization.

Feliu was contacted by phone and asked what his thoughts are regarding Giordano Bruno belief’s and today’s view of religion:

“Giordano Bruno could be considered the first Ancient Alien Theorist in that he accurately believed that the earth was not the center of the universe and that there is a possibility of other worlds and civilizations beyond ours. No doubt he derived at these conclusions by studying ancient writings. However, unlike Giordano Bruno who believed that Mary was not a virgin, I disagree. A virgin can give birth as I point out in The Nativity Conspiracy. Though I don’t plan on being burned at the stake, I have already suffered threats, ridicule and hate from extremists or religious fanatics that find my novel an affront to their beliefs. As we witness beheadings by Muslim extremists we realize that little has changed from the days of the inquisitions. Unfortunately, hateful little minds still exist which are obstacles to our overall advancement.”

To read about Horace G. Feliu’s, The Nativity Conspiracy click www.thenativityconspiracy.com