Did Ancient Aliens try to help mankind?

Was Jesus Christ the son of an advanced civilization?

Baptism of Christ with UFO- by Aert De Gelder circa 1710

 “The Nativity Conspiracy” a high-powered suspense novel more controversial than “The Da Vinci Code,” is set in motion by the discovery of an ancient scroll which reveals the real origins of Jesus Christ. Are ancient aliens involved? The secret revelations could shake the very foundations of Christianity. A cop turned priest is thrown into action, danger and intrigue as his investigation makes him the target of corrupt Vatican officials and Mafia bosses.

“The conspiracy of all conspiracies…. Using Biblical quotes and facts, Feliu weaves an intricate thriller that leaves the reader wondering if it is fact or fiction.” 

- Miami Community Newspapers


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The discovery of Luke's scroll brings insight into the life of the 2nd most important person in the New Testament. Why is Mary barely mentioned after the crucifiction of her son, Jesus? .....Find the answer in The Nativity Conspiracy 


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